Why Fix Dental Misalignment?

Do you notice that your teeth seem crooked? Do your teeth have gaps between them, or do they overlap with one another? You might feel self-conscious about the way crooked teeth may appear in your smile. But dental misalignment can also put your oral health in danger.

To keep your smile looking and feeling its best, you should talk to your dentist about ways that you can straighten your smile. Severe malocclusions may need attention from an orthodontist. But a dentist can amend smaller alignment concerns with Invisalign.

These translucent plastic aligners will gradually push your teeth into your desired straighter position, which will improve your dental health along with your smile aesthetics. Read on to find three reasons why dentists recommend fixing alignment issues in your smile with treatments like Invisalign.

Why Fix Dental Misalignment

Improve Oral Hygiene

Dental misalignment can make it harder to keep your teeth as clean as you should to maintain a healthy smile. Food might easily become trapped and hurt your smile if you have gaps between your teeth. And overlapping teeth may mean that your toothbrush and floss cannot reach the entire surface of your tooth to clean it.

Then plaque can linger on your smile and begin to eat away at your dental structure. And you may have a high chance of developing persistent bad breath. If you straighten your smile with help from your dentist, you can better complete your thorough oral hygiene regimen.

Then you can worry less about plaque weakening your teeth and making you more susceptible to cavities and other dental concerns. Make sure you also continue attending routine dental cleanings at your dentist’s office to maximize oral hygiene.

Relieve Strain on Your Smile

If you have crooked teeth, you might develop bite problems. These issues refer to uneven pressure across the teeth when you try to close your mouth or bite down. Distributing excess pressure this way will exert strain on the teeth that can radiate to the jaw.

Chronic jaw strain will create inflammation around the temporomandibular joint that can lead to complications in its function as well as generate pain. You will need treatment from a dentist for resulting TMJ disorders.

Plus, pressure on the teeth might cause the teeth to crack, chip, or fracture. And you might see damage to existing dental work like fillings or crowns. They will need prompt and potentially costly repairs from your dentist. So avoid these problems by fixing bite problems with teeth straightening treatment.

Boost Confidence in Your Smile’s Appearance

As mentioned, if you feel unhappy about the way that your smile looks with crooked teeth, then you might feel inclined to hide your smile. This may mean that you suffer an overall blow to your self-esteem, which can result in a decline in overall confidence that will extend to other aspects of your life.

Straightening your teeth can renew this confidence. And you can feel proud of the way your teeth appear during Invisalign treatment. The clear-colored aligners will not disrupt your smile’s appearance as they straighten your smile. Learn more by contacting your dentist today.