Tooth Extraction Hartland MI

Do you have severe tooth pain? Are your wisdom teeth coming in? We offer dental extractions for patients with severely infected, impacted, or even overcrowded teeth. Removing these problem teeth can create healthier smiles. Dr. Michael Sesi and his team always assess patients’ smiles before recommending tooth extraction treatment in Hartland, MI. Dental extractions are a part of general dentistry because they help prevent the spread of infections and injuries to natural permanent teeth. Dr. Sesi also ensures that patients feel as comfortable as possible during their extraction procedure. 

Dental Extraction in Hartland, Michigan

Simple vs. Complex Extractions

Dental extractions can be complex or simple. Simple extractions remove teeth above the gum line, while complex extractions remove teeth at or below the gums. During simple extractions, we use a local anesthetic to numb the treated area. We will use anesthetic and nitrous oxide for complex extractions because they take more time and effort.

After each extraction, we place gauze at the extraction site. Patients will replace the gauze as needed until a blood clot forms over the site. Blood clots protect the nerves in the gum tissue. Dislodged blood clots can cause dry socket, a highly painful condition. Patients need to be careful during the healing process to prevent dry socket and keep the extraction site clean.

Why Do I Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that emerge when patients are typically in their late teens or early twenties. The wisdom teeth emerge behind the back molars and can become a problem for many patients. Most of the time, wisdom teeth do not have enough room to emerge properly. As a result, wisdom teeth can dig into the back teeth or emerge perpendicular to other teeth. 

We take dental x-rays at routine appointments to keep track of patients’ oral health and discover emerging dental problems including wisdom teeth. If we see signs of wisdom teeth, or if you feel pain behind your molars, we may recommend extraction treatment. 

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