Sedation Dentistry Hartland, MI

Does the thought of visiting the dentist fill you with fear? Has it been years since you visited a dentist? We can help. At Hartland Dental Care, we understand that some patients find the dentist’s office intimidating. Patients who have had a negative past experience at the dentist or have generalized anxiety about dental care may find it difficult to make regular dental appointments. Dr. Michael Sesi and his friendly team work with patients to find the best methods to get them the care they need. Sedation dentistry is just one of the general dental methods Dr. Sesi uses in his Hartland, MI office to help his patients. 

Nitrous Oxide in Hartland, Michigan

Relieving Dental Fear and Anxiety in Hartland, MI

We work with our patients individually to help them address their dental anxiety or fear. Patients can bring a friend or family member to be in the same room if they require dental care. Additionally, patients can bring their favorite music and earbuds so they can calm themselves for procedures. If needed, patients can signal to us if they want us to pause during treatment. Patients can also let us know if they have other preferred accommodations. Sedation dentistry is a comfortable, painless treatment method that can help patients receive care without anxiety or fear. Our office uses nitrous oxide to efficiently treat our patients. 

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Also known as laughing gas, we use nitrous oxide and oxygen to ensure patients feel comfortable during lengthy procedures. We can use dental sedation for oral surgery or lengthy procedures. However, we can also use sedation for children and adults for extractions and other routine procedures. Nitrous oxide slows down the body’s responses and can make patients feel happy and even giggly. Our professionals can control and monitor their sedation throughout treatment, so patients do not need to worry about safety under sedation.

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