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A tooth crown is a porcelain ceramic cap that covers single damaged or worn teeth. Crowns can cover broken, eroded, discolored, and shortened teeth. Dentists also use crowns to cover teeth after root canal treatment or to cap off dental implants and other dental restorations. We offer dental crown treatment at Hartland Dental Care in Hartland, MI for patients who want to address weakened or damaged teeth. Our lead dentist Dr. Michael Sesi works with local dental labs and uses the latest technology to craft dental crowns that look and feel natural. 

Tooth Crowns in Hartland, Michigan

Dental Crown Treatment in Hartland, MI

To prepare for dental crowns, we ensure that patients do not have any outstanding dental problems. We make sure that patients are in good oral health, as problems like gum disease or tooth decay can compromise the crowns. To begin treatment, we will remove old fillings or crowns as needed. We prepare the tooth for the new crown by removing a small portion of the enamel. Preparing the tooth ensures that the crown fits comfortably over the natural enamel.

Then, we take a dental impression of each tooth and place a temporary crown. The temporary crown will cover and protect the tooth while technicians create the permanent crown in a dental lab. Each crown is made from high-quality porcelain ceramic and matches the shape and shade of adjacent natural teeth. Once the permanent crowns are complete, we double-check that it is the correct color and size. Finally, we place the crown using a special adhesive. 

Tooth Crown Q&A

Below we will answer popular questions that patients have about dental crown treatment: 

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

We use dental crowns made of porcelain ceramic, which not only blends in with the smile but also provides durability. Our office takes digital scans and impressions to ensure that each dental crown matches natural teeth. Crowns are not solely aesthetic restorations but create a balanced bite. 

What are inlays and onlays?

Known as partial crowns, inlay and onlays cover areas of tooth wear and damage. While onlays fully cover the chewing surface and sides of teeth, inlays solely cover the chewing surface within the tooth cusps. These restorations, like traditional dental crowns, are separate. We attach the inlays and onlays to teeth with adhesive.

Do I need a crown after a root canal?

We often recommend dental crowns for patients if they still have weakened or worn teeth after a root canal. Root canal treatments remove infected dental pulp within the tooth. After root canals, we seal the tooth with a dental filling. However, many patients require extra support. A crown protects the tooth and adds structure to create a balanced bite. 

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