Restorative Dentistry Hartland, MI

Restorative dental solutions not only help your teeth. Our restorative dental services cover damaged teeth, replace missing teeth, reverse gum infections, and stop teeth clenching and grinding. Dr. Michael Sesi, our lead dentist, works with local dental labs, oral surgeons, and specialists to create lasting restorations and a healthier smile. Here you can learn about the extensive restorative dentistry services that we offer at Hartland Dental Care in Hartland, MI.

Restorative Dentist in Hartland, Michigan

Restorative Dentistry in Hartland, MI

Do you have a broken or lost tooth? Restore your smile at Hartland Dental Care. Our restorative dental treatments offer high-quality care for fuller, healthier smiles. Discover more about each of our restorations here:

Dental Bridge

A bridge fills the gap left by one or more consecutive missing teeth. Dental bridges can use natural teeth or dental implants to secure false teeth. Our office prefers implant-secured bridges over traditional options because they provide a longer-lasting and more secure restoration. 

Tooth Crown

Dental crowns are caps that fully cover and protect teeth. Crowns can treat broken, worn, discolored, and even crooked teeth. We may also recommend crowns for patients after root canal treatment. Dental crowns made of porcelain ceramic look and feel natural.

Dental Implants

Implants are titanium posts that our oral surgeon places in the jaw bone. Over time, the post fuses to the bone tissue and creates a foundation for a dental crown, bridge, or denture. Dental implants are permanent restorations that stay in the jaw bone as long as patients continue to care for their smiles. 

Dentures & Partials

Full and partial dentures replace arches and rows of missing teeth. We recommend implant-supported dentures over traditional removable dentures. Removable dentures can slip around the mouth and do not fully support the bite. Implant-secured dentures improve the function and stability of the bite.

Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontitis, or gum disease, leads to gum sensitivity, irritation, bleeding, and recession. Our dental office offers deep cleaning treatments in-office to prevent gingivitis from turning into periodontitis. We can also remove infected gum tissue using dental lasers. 

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disorders create problems like jaw pain, toothaches, and teeth clenching and grinding. We can create custom nightguards to alleviate pressure on the jaw joints and stop teeth grinding. 

Restorative Dental FAQs

Are you interested in restorative dental care but want to know more? Read answers to these popular questions about restorative treatments: 

Can I get dental implants if I already have a bridge or denture?

We work with our patients to provide implant-secured restorations, whether they’re missing a single tooth or all of their teeth. Patients who already have a dental restoration can get implants if they have enough jaw bone tissue to support the implant posts. We also help make sure patients are in good oral health so they can get implants. Additionally, treatments like bone grafting, extractions, and even gum disease treatment can make patients candidates for dental implants. 

What are the early signs of gum disease? 

Before patients develop gum disease, they can have gum inflammation or gingivitis. Patients with gum inflammation may also experience inflamed, bleeding, irritated, and sensitive gum tissue. Proper oral hygiene and a professional deep cleaning treatment can reverse gum inflammation.

Can sports mouthguards treat TMD?

Nightguards and sports mouthguards offer different treatments and materials. A TMD nightguard is a hard acrylic tray that covers the top or bottom tooth arch. Sports mouthguards are made of rubber-like plastic. These mouthguards cover the front of the top and bottom teeth. While sports mouthguards prevent hits to teeth, nightguards prevent tooth wear and jaw pain because of bruxism.

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Do you want to restore your smile? Request a dental appointment with Dr. Sesi and his team online. You can also contact us at 810-255-5203. Hartland Dental Care serves patients in Parshallville, Hartland, and Livingston County, MI. If you have questions about restorative treatments or your current oral health issues, please let us know at your next visit and we can help.