Oral Hygiene Travel Tips

Planning a fun getaway this year? Whether you want to visit loved ones in a different state or explore a new city, a good vacation will take a significant amount of planning. Do not forget to consider your oral hygiene as you prepare to leave for your trip.

You might intend to relax on this trip. But plaque will not take a break from forming on your teeth and eating away at your dental structure. So to prevent irreversible dental harm, make preparations to stick to a good oral hygiene plan before you go on vacation. Read on to find three tips that will help you keep your smile clean and healthy on the go.

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Maintain Good Oral Hygiene on Your Vacation

Keep Oral Hygiene Supplies Handy

Your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss are likely high on your list of items to pack for your trip because you use them every day. But if you tuck them into your suitcase, you might not be able to access them when you need them.

For instance, you might check luggage on a long flight or keep your suitcase locked in a hotel room as you sightsee. Then when the time comes to complete your oral hygiene routine, you do not have your hygienic items with you.

So it can be a good idea to keep some oral hygiene supplies on your person. Then they will be ready when you need them. Floss in your pocket or handbag can ensure you can keep your teeth clean and healthy on your schedule.

Prepare Healthy Snack Options

You likely intend to try specific restaurants or sit down to a home-cooked meal with loved ones on your vacation. But you might also want to consider planning snacks along with your meals so that you do not inadvertently harm your dental health on this trip.

If you do not think about snacks ahead of time, you can find yourself giving in to cravings for sweet, unhealthy items like candy. Sugar can cause irreversible damage to your smile like cavities. So you may want to pack healthier snacks you can reach for on your trip instead.

Then you can grab nuts or dried fruits that can improve your oral hygiene as you eat rather than hurt your smile. Thinking ahead like this will enable you to maintain good oral health.

Plan to Drink Plenty of Water

You know you need to drink plenty of water throughout your day to keep your smile as well as the rest of your body healthy. But with a busy schedule on your vacation, you might have trouble sticking to your usual schedule of drinking water.

Pack an easy-to-carry water bottle for your trip that you can bring with you. This effort can ensure you have access to water throughout your travels. Then you can continue drinking water to avoid dry mouth. This condition occurs when dehydrated and puts your smile in danger of oral infections like gum disease. This effort will keep your smile looking and feeling its best even during this deviation from your normal routine.